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Educators Call for Cyber Pros To Teach Part Time


Summarized by the Alliance for Fort Gordon
Published May 20, 2022

A panel of cyber educators today encouraged subject matter experts in the military and industry to teach cybersecurity part time.

The panel enthusiastically embraced the suggestion from an audience member at the AFCEA Cyber Education Research and Training Symposium on May 11 in Augusta, Georgia.

Col. Sharon Hamilton, USA (Ret.), associate vice president of strategic partnerships at Norwich University, encouraged those in the Department of Defense (DoD) to serve as adjunct instructors. Norwich already has adjuncts from the National Security Agency (NSA). “Every one of you out there who is in DoD now, or who has been in DoD, you can be an adjunct at our schools,” she said, adding that the school is now reaching out to the service cyber components as well.

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