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Five soldiers on shortlist for renamed Fort Gordon

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Summarized by the Alliance for Fort Gordon
Published April 1, 2022

Like parents pondering names for newborns, a federal commission tasked with renaming U.S. military installations is looking for namesakes with meaningful connections.

Fort Gordon takes its name from former U.S. Sen. and Georgia Gov. John Brown Gordon. But as a major-general in the Confederate army, he is on a list of nine major U.S. military installations set to be renamed because their current names are tied to the Confederacy.

Selection criteria includes “consideration given to the local or regional significance of names and their potential to inspire and motivate service members,” according to the Naming Commission’s website.

There are 87 newly proposed names on the committee’s current list. Which names belong to people with strong ties to Augusta and the fort?

Not many. But there are a few Army veterans – and a couple who didn’t make the official list – whose local connections range from solid to slight:

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