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(ISC)2 Aims to Put 1 Million People Through its Entry-Level Certification Exam for Free

JBSA, Lackland ISD promotes STEM programs

Summarized by the Alliance for Fort Gordon
Published July 29, 2022

(ISC)2 this week announced its “One Million Certified in Cybersecurity” program, which pledges to put one million people through its entry-level certification exam and education program for free.

The program builds upon the success of the (ISC)2  “100K in the UK” initiative, which offered 100,000 free exams and course enrollments for UK residents earlier this year.

This latest program was announced this week at the Cyber Workforce and Education Summit at the White House. The Biden administration brought together experts, private sector companies, and federal agencies to brainstorm around one of the most pressing challenges in cybersecurity: the lack of good people to fill the more than 714,000 open cybersecurity jobs.

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