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Recruit Like You Are Jeff Bezos


Summarized by the Alliance for Fort Gordon
Published August 19th, 2022

​​​​​​​U.S. Army Cyber Command shares similar challenges to that of a business manager.

U.S. Army Cyber Command protects Department of Defense networks as its primary mission. It also conducts offensive cyber operations and cyber intelligence. Army Cyber Command, or ARCYBER, shares many problems with businesses and competes in an open market for one key success factor.

“If ARCYBER was a Fortune 500 company, it would be third in size behind Walmart and Amazon but ahead of Home Depot and FedEx combined,” said Lt. Gen. Maria B. Barrett, USA, commanding general of ARCYBER.

At one million users, the Army’s network not only rivals major global businesses; it takes 16,000 military and civilian specialists to run it from home base to front line, according to Gen. Barrett; this makes ARCYBER larger than Denmark’s army.

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