Grace Hopper Lane, Suite 3300, Augusta, GA 30901

Our History

The Alliance was created in March, 2003 by Congressman Charlie Norwood as a non-profit organization with the primary mission to create awareness in the community of the threat of base closure and the potential economic impact should Ft Gordon be downsized or closed.

In November 2005, the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission Report became law and Fort Gordon was officially spared any negative impact from this latest round of base realignment and closure. The primary reason Fort Gordon survived was its military value – the ability to efficiently and effectively perform its assigned missions and its potential to support new missions. Other major contributing factors, however, were the strong community support for our service members and their families and the outstanding quality of life enjoyed by area residents.

Fort Gordon continues to be one of the largest economic engines in the Greater Augusta region. In 2013 the addition of new missions and existing mission expansion began unprecedented growth to the installation, increasing the Fort’s work force to over 26,000 in 2016, with the continued addition of over 2500 more employees projected through 2020. To support this growth and to modernize the communications and cyber training facilities, about one billion dollars of military construction projects are being proposed through 2025.

The Alliance is in a unique position to become the umbrella organization serving as the catalyst for the Fort Gordon Cyber District to become a nationally recognized cyber center of excellence.

The Fort Gordon Cyber District consists of 7 counties, 2 in South Carolina and 5 in Georgia, with the fort positioned in the center of the district. Through partnerships with economic development organizations, academia, cyber-related businesses and non-profits the Alliance will promote the Fort Gordon Cyber District brand and inspire the building of a comprehensive cyber workforce and high tech capabilities throughout the region and state. Critical to this will be the promotion of increased investments in quality of life requirements for the region that will attract and retain a quality cyber workforce. Additionally, the Alliance will maintain its focus on strengthening the partnership with Fort Gordon, knowing the importance of this military installation to our region, state, and nation. The Fort Gordon Cyber District has achieved national recognition as a destination for cyber work, life and play. And finally, the Alliance also serves as the community representative to the Georgia Military Affairs Coordinating Committee and advocates for state-level issues affecting Fort Gordon.

For more information about the CSRA Alliance, contact Tom Clark, Executive Director, at 706-821-1312, or