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Every year we think the Defense budget battles can get no worse and every year we are proven wrong. This year appears to be no different. The approved budget cuts and projected cuts resulting from sequestration could make this one of the most challenging years for Fort Gordon. Although we feel Fort Gordon is still safe from future base closure consideration, we anticipate continued elimination of civilian positions, reduced student load, and mission realignments. In addition to major reductions to funding for installation repairs, maintenance and services in 2013, over 3000 Fort Gordon government civilian workers were furloughed for 6 days. The 2014 budget looks to be as bad or worse and it appears it will require more civilian furloughs and possibly elimination of civilian positions, delays to infrastructure improvements and military construction, and further reduction of routine maintenance and repair funds.

As we pursue mission growth we continue to advocate for QOL improvements for our service partners and their families, continue to challenge growth around the installation that could encroach upon mission execution, and continue to promote and enhance an exceptional community-military relationship. If you would like to join in our efforts and assist with our funding requirements please make your tax-deductible contribution using the link below or mail it to the CSRA Alliance, PO Box 670, Augusta, GA 30903-0670.

Fort Gordon, however, is still well poised for mission growth and the Alliance is aggressively pursuing new missions. The Army force reduction will actually result in the addition of 250 personnel by 2019. A major defense growth priority now is in the field of cyber security and Fort Gordon is a major cyber center, not only for training but operationally as well. The potential is to designate Fort Gordon as the Armys Cyber Center of Excellence. Additionally, advances in behavioral health treatment and research at Eisenhower Army Medical Center when partnered with community medical treatment and research could likely result in Eisenhower becoming the Armys Mental Health Center of Excellence. New missions and growth to existing missions could bring several thousand military and civilian personnel to the area in the very near future. The CSRA Alliance has already started preparing the community for this growth.


The CSRA Alliance operates within an annual budget of $125,000. This limited budget provides for one staff member and the required travel, printing, advertising, and general office expenses. About 80% of Alliance funding comes from the public/private sector, the balance from Alliance reserve funds remaining from BRAC 2005 efforts. With the forthcoming fights to protect current missions and attract new missions, we cannot afford to deplete these reserve funds.